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Different Contries

by John Bruno Hare

© Copyright 1982 J.B. Hare, All rights Reserved

For Britt

Loud and Fast

[INTRO] flat pick guitar style, then punk rock throughout

Verse 1:
With lies like ours
Who needs the light of day
Tonight's the night
I most want to pass away
I want you out of my life
Like I want these lies from our mouths
With lies like ours
We should live in different countries

In different countries
In different countries
Live in different countries

Verse 2:
I let them take you from my arms
You slept with strangers in my place
You saw them up at dawn
They hardly left a trace
Do you remember when
We were so Hungary?
We slept in the same bed
Like we were in different countries

[CHORUS, subsitute 'sleep' for 'live']
[CODA (same as INTRO)]

Intro and Coda: ||D |C9 |Gm7 |G F# || 1x V ||Am |C |Dm |C || 2x ||Am |C |D |F || 1x ||Am |C |D |E || 1x Ch ||F |Am |G |E || 3x ||F... |G... |Am | || 1x 3 3