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My Commodity Fetish

by John Bruno Hare

© Copyright 1982 J.B. Hare, All rights Reserved

For Holly

Power Pop

Verse 1:
I think I've got that seven year itch
I think I've got eighteen year fever
I know I've got accumulated urges
And you are the one I've been sold on,
             you've rolled on

You are my commodity fetish
Your hair falls like a golden shower
You are my commodity fetish
You're my lover of the hour!

Verse 2:
You've got me running for my life and my libido
Your shadow is the perfect knife for my speedos
Paying for the best--I've got to get some rest
You are my opiate--My sole resentment


Verse 3:
There's gunfire in the balcony
The cops are taking heat
Oh you are a rude girl
I'll join you in the street
You're shouting "theatre" tenderly in my ear
There's nothing left to eat!
There's nohting left to wear!


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