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Scoundrel Time

by John Bruno Hare

© Copyright 1982 J.B. Hare, All rights Reserved

For Britt

Mostly fast, certainly loud

Are you now? Or have you ever?
Are you now? Or have you ever been in love?

Verse 1:
The Senator wants a word with you 
You may as well be informed
Anything that you may say
Will be held against you!
Your daddy's on the witness stand
History will absolve us
But can you tell us what is to be done with us? (and he asks)


Verse 2:
I need some time to think
Looks like I'll get lots of it now--
We had ten days to change the world
Then you got dumped in that canal
Looks like I don't know you!
Where can I file a complaint?
Where we're going you know
There's lots of constraint (and they ask)


Verse 3:
Is this really the way it was?
Is this really happening here?
We will be the lost eyeglasses
Of our childrens' worst fears!
There's no stop between Warsaw and here
There's no exit from the Pentagon
Just let me watch that light
In the high window of your cell (and I ask)


Ch ||E |F# |G |F# || 4x V ||E |C |D |A# || 4x Coda ||G# |G# |G |G || repeat over helicopter FX and fade